Sunday, March 6, 2011

National Grammar Day

It was recently brought to my attention that this past Friday, March 4th was National Grammar Day. So in honor of that, here are a few grammar-related finds from Etsy. (Note: All descriptions written by the featured Etsy shopowner).

From Stories Divinations
1881 English Grammar and Composition Book- $55.00

"A very sweet, small, rare hardcover in lovely condition; the inside looks brand new! Boards are very tight and straight. Just wonderful! Original copyright was 1880. 189 pages."

From Bean Forest

From Rokki Fashion Handbags

"Do misplaced apostrophes or commas drive you batty? Then “Grammatically Correct: the Writer’s Essential Guide” is the perfect handbag for you! Show your inner geek!"

From Bay Leaf Productions

"The semi-colon wants to slow things down - but not to stop everything all together. It's smooth and fluid, and insanely useful."

Also available in Question Mark and Exclamation Point

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