Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reading Resolutions?

Wow. First of all, I can't believe that I haven't posted since November. I didn't realize that it had been that long.

Secondly, Happy New Year, everyone.... all 5 7* of you. :-) I'm hoping to make changes this year and am resolving to post more.

That's it.

That's my resolution. For this aspect of my life anyway. I have a million others in relation to myself, my family, and home life. But that's for a different blog.

Anyway. I'm going to try to set monthly goals for myself and for this blog. My goal for this month is to finish Agatha Christie's autobiography. I have already finished her novels and short stories (if you're wondering when this happened, it happened in November, which is probably why I didn't blog at all; too busy reading! I was going to write about it, and in fact started the post, but then something happened to distract me and I gave it up. Story of my life. But here it is in all of it's wonderous glory):

"I have officially finished ALL of Agatha Christie's novels and short stories!"

Yup. That's as far as I got. I am a woman of many words. 

I also finished reading her memoir Come, Tell Me How You Live in which she describes her adventures in the Middle East with her archaeologist husband, second husband, that is. In short, is was an enjoyable, and often humorous read, and I recommend it. (A post was started about this one too, but obviously never finished. Here is how it started):

"I have recently started Agatha Christie's memoir, Come, Tell Me How You Live and have found myself thoroughly enjoying it. I am typically reluctant to read autobiographies or memoirs as I feared that they would be dry and boring, but I obviously decided to give Christie's a shot.

This memoir describes some of Christie's archaeological journeys in the Middle East with her second husband, Max Mallowan during the 1930s.  As I am reading, I find myself continuously forgetting that the main "character" is Christie herself and that this is something that really happened in her life and not another fictional story that she has written. There is nothing dry or boring about her memoir. Thankfully, she does not go into great detail about the digs themselves, and rarely ever includes any technical archaeology terms. She is merely ____**____ her observations behind the scenes.

I am over halfway finished with the memoir (and only began it yesterday!) and have enjoyed Christie's humor and candid descriptions, of herself and others. She jokes about her weight, her love for shoes, and shows no embarrassment in retelling a story about when she was mistaken for a man".

 So anyway, my goal for January is to finish reading her autobiography, (I've been reading it since November and already had to renew it at the library). In my defense, it is a little difficult to get through a 500+ autobiography during the holidays. But I now have the finish line in sight . Wish me luck!

* When did THAT happen? 7 followers? I'm moving up in the world! :-)
** Apparently I couldn't come up with the word I was looking for at the time. I probably meant to say "describing"?

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